My Morning on the Radio


<— with Claire, Brian, Laura, & Johnny from the XL morning show!

I need to write this down while every moment is still fresh in my mind and I am still on this outrageous high from the events of this morning.

Yesterday evening I received my newest shipment of books in from Amazon, and I decided with only two more days to go of summer break, I had to make the most of my time. I made a plan to go to XL 106.7′s headquarters the next morning to bring the DJs copies of Winged Descent. People who know me well know that I am big on doing things “by the book” and will not take many risks. I kept asking my husband & mom, “I can do that, right? I can just walk into a radio station, right?” They both agreed that yes, I probably could…. but, as my mom advised, my chances of getting in would increase if I brought donuts.

Well… fast forward to 5:15 this morning, and the hubby & I are up and ready to go to Maitland to ambush the radio station. After making a quick stop at Krispy Kreme (because, as Johnny Magic says, they can make even boots taste good) and signing personalized notes for the DJs in their respective books, we arrived at Clear Channel Communications.

Turns out, you CAN’T just mosey into a radio station & expect to be seen. We were hoping for a receptionist, a waiting area, an unlocked door… something to let us in. No dice. We stood in the lobby for about 5 minutes watching people come in and out of doors, but I was too shy to ask anyone for help. I sent a desperate text to Johnny’s House (the morning show) in hopes that someone would come get me, but…… no luck there, either.

Then… oh, the skies opened & God smiled down on me.

Who should walk through the lobby but Johnny Magic himself!

The morning show host, the man I’ve listened to every day for the past 10 years, the guy I obsessively take pictures of at XL events……. turned to us & asked, “Have you been helped yet?”


“Who are you here to see?”

“Um… you, actually!”

“Me? Well, what do you need?”

“I brought you guys donuts.” (Thanks, mom!)

“Oh! Okay, well, why’d you bring us donuts?”

“And books. I’m a local author and I was hoping to give you all a copy of my book.”

One thing led to another, he invited us back to their studio, and 15 minutes later… I WAS ON THE AIR PROMOTING WINGED DESCENT!

Johnny made sure to tell me before I went on that he was going to have me speak because “you’ve got balls… and I don’t mean that disrespectfully.” I kinda wanna tattoo that somewhere on my body now.

The morning crew was incredibly nice & welcoming. Within minutes of being there, Claire followed me on Twitter & Facebook, posted on Johnny’s House’s feed that I crashed the studio, and Brian linked up my Amazon page to their FB page. It was unbelievably humbling & overwhelming.

Then… I actually went on the air. To talk about a book. MY book. My book that I wrote! I wrote a book! I talked about it! I got to promote it! Holy crap!

**Sorry… stream of consciousness writing for a minute there. I’m back.**

Anyway, I really have no idea how long I was on. 3 minutes? 5? Something like that. It felt like 10 seconds… or an hour, give or take. I was flying high on so much adrenaline that it was all I could do to think straight & say the right name of the book when I was asked.

I can’t remember much of the experience, but it made me smile hugely when Johnny introduced me by saying “We get asked all the time by listeners to play their song on the radio or talk about what they’re doing, and we really don’t have say over that. We can’t just play a song by anybody. I never do this. I don’t just bring people into the studio to talk, but this morning I saw this young lady in the lobby and I asked her if she needed help…. (he replayed our conversation)…. so I brought her in because that takes guts. I like that. She believes in her product enough to come down here and ambush a radio station with donuts (again, thanks mom!) to try and get her book out there. I admire that.”

Holy cow. HE admires ME? Does he have any idea how much I admire HIM? Brain about to explode here.

After talking, the mass texts came rolling in from friends & family that they heard me on the radio. One friend told me she couldn’t believe it & was crying (me too– join the club!)… Kyle’s former boss even wrote to say, “Dude… your wife’s on the radio!” It was quite possibly the most surreal moment I’ve ever had.

I got pics of the morning show hosts with their books. Laura opened hers right away and saw the personalized message… then asked Brian what his said. Brian said “I don’t even read, but I might try this! This is so cool.” & Claire said several times that she really admired me. My heart is BURSTING. Brian said texts were coming in on XL mobile asking about the book, & Claire got a call about what website I used to publish it. How cool is that?!

By the time we left the station and got in the car, I had 21 new fans on FB, and 7 new followers on Twitter. I was all smiles until I sat down in the car & started to drive. Then the tears came pouring down. My poor hubby was a bit out of his element, I think (I don’t cry much). I can’t explain the rush of emotions that came from this morning.

Anyone who writes knows what a huge, life-changing accomplishment it is just to finish a book. Having others read your first draft is another major event, met with fear, anxiety, and endless hope. Sending out query letters  & hearing NO over and over again is so heartbreaking, even though it’s expected. Going through this self-publishing process and having people actually buy & hold & read my book is the most mind-blowing thing. Reading positive reviews & hearing readers’ comments that they love the book always manages to surprise me. This concept started in my head… it was a small idea that turned into a bigger idea and I just ran with it. Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected people to actually LIKE it, you know?

Then came today. I was hoping to drop off my books & donuts. I was praying for the chance to set up a meeting & come back at a later time to talk on the radio. I was inwardly begging that I might get a photo with one of the DJs actually holding my book.

Not only did all 3 happen, but in a better way than I could have imagined. I am so grateful. The fact that the station cared enough to help me out is an act of kindness that I will never forget. I was a loyal listener of XL 106.7 before today; I am a lifelong listener now.

This was a God thing. Of epic proportions. No way could I have planned to be at the station at just the right time and say all the right things to make this happen. I’m not bold. I don’t have balls. Half the time, I don’t believe in myself. But with God, all things are truly possible!

Thank you so much for reading, & let me end with the trite adage to follow your dreams. Make the impossible possible. This may go absolutely nowhere & in a year my book might be completely forgotten about… but at least I’ll be able to say I tried.

(oh, & have I thanked my mom yet for the donuts idea?)

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