Opportunities– grab ’em where you can get ’em!

Exciting updates abound!

I contacted the Orlando public library about opportunities to promote my book, and they got back to me to say that they would love (yes, love!  ) to have me come in to do a Meet the Author talk, Q & A, book sale, and signing. In a month where there have been a lot of “so-excited-I-could-cry” moments, this was definitely another one of them!

My date is set for Saturday, September 22. So you better believe that if you know me personally or live in the Orlando area, you will be getting a massive amount of texts/FB invites/email reminders over the next 6 weeks!  I want to PACK THAT HOUSE!

My other big news: I decided to attend an upcoming Vampire Diaries convention in Atlanta hosted by EyeCon. EyeCon has been an important part of my life since May 2009, when I met four actors from the Twilight cast on the same day I graduated with my masters degree. It is a huge, amazing, life-changing memory in my mind, and it totally excites me & simultaneously freaks me out that I’m going to attend for the purpose of selling a book I wrote. (In May 2009 I definitely would never have believed this could happen, that’s for sure!)

I feel like I’m at a juncture where I just need to do anything & everything to get Winged Descent out there. It started as a fun side project, but I remember that moment in spring 2010 where I re-read some of my chapters (I probably only had like 3 at the time) and thought to myself, “wow, this could really go somewhere.”

I HAVE to hold on to that feeling. I have to believe the many people who have read it and told me it’s good, that it’s worth something. I have to take that feeling and run with it. This could go nowhere… but it COULD go somewhere big. It just takes the right person at the right time to see my book & take a chance on it. Crazier things have happened!

Prayers, good thoughts, & well wishes happily accepted.  Thank you & love you all.

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