Published! Yes, you read that right.

It was sometime around January when I first started to seriously entertain the idea of self-publishing my novel. I wasn’t getting many bites from literary agents, I didn’t have the time to dedicate to sending and re-sending query letters all over the U.S., and I really yearned for a physical copy of my book. Something I could hold in my hands and say, “Wow, yes, I did that!”

Thankfully, we live in 2012 and this dream that so many unpublished writers have is possible. I am a faithful reader of Entertainment Weekly and they’ve had quite a few spotlights lately on self-published writers who have managed to hit it big with book deals… and even movies. I have to say it definitely gives me chills to hear stories like that. And rather than feel jealous, it just makes me incredibly happy for those hardworking people out there making their dreams come true and motivates me to try to do the same.

I’ve always been a writer. You don’t need royalties or an ISBN number to be one. But to make that leap from writer to published writer is something I’ve always wanted to do. Moreover, it’s something I promised myself I would make happen, one way or another.

My husband started encouraging me in the spring to consider publishing my book on Amazon, just to see how it would be received. I toyed with the idea… then he found CreateSpace. CS is a wonderful little hidden gem that allows you to self-publish your book for free using a template and online assistance. Add to that the fact that you only print out what you want to, and it’s a win-win situation.

So… after much prayer and deliberation (and editing… always editing!) I signed up for CS and made it happen. I got my proof in this past Tuesday, June 26, and it’s hard to put into words how I felt the first moment I held it in my hands. Exhilarated? Overjoyed? Astonished? Those words come close. What’s meant even more has been sharing my excitement with others and having it doubled as they mirror my own joy. A support system is so important when taking a leap like this because it requires so much vulnerability. I’m forever indebted to everyone who has encouraged me along the way.

So….. here is the website to purchase my baby:

(You can also get there by the fancy new link Kyle added to my website’s homepage.)

In the next week, it will be up on Amazon. THAT’S a scary thought! Kyle asked me yesterday how I would feel when I eventually read my first negative review. I can’t truthfully answer that right now, but let’s hope that someday my book is ubiquitous enough that it has lovers as well as haters.

In its first day up for sale, it sold 4 copies. I have to say that it felt just as large an accomplishment as selling a million. I just stood in front of the computer gawking for a full minute. This is the precious time where I am transitioning from me being the only person in the world to have a copy of my novel, to others owning it. It is a very humbling feeling, knowing that it isn’t just mine anymore. Hopefully, though, its other owners will treasure it just as much as I do.

Thanks for reading! God bless.

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