The Series

Welcome to, the internet home for the author of the Winged book series. This site is dedicated to bringing you updated information about the novels in this series, Winged Descent and Winged Decision.

Winged Descent is the main novel of the series, centered around Kendrick, Savannah, and Conner- three very different people whose lives intertwine without warning. Mythology and reality come face-to-face in this story as all three characters are forced to re-examine what they have always taken for granted as truth. This story was the first written in the series, and was published in June 2012. It is currently available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Winged Decision is a prequel told largely from Kendrick’s perspective, and revolves around the events immediately leading up to those in Winged Descent. It was published for Amazon (paperback & ebook) in January 2013, and includes a free bonus chapter from Winged Deliverance.

Winged Deliverance is the sequel to Winged Descent, and is still in the writing phase. Lapith extremists have invaded Centaura, and Kendrick is left to pick up the pieces and unite the remaining populace. Conner and Savannah are left on Earth, but quickly realize their own safety is threatened the longer they stay. A battle for survival ensues for both the Centaurans & the Lapiths as they are forced to confront their age-old hatred for one another once and for all. Look for this conclusion to the trilogy in November 2013!