Winged Trilogy

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From the back cover of Winged Descent:

Today is already off to a weird start for Savannah Lane. A typical walk becomes the stuff of fairy tales when she stumbles upon a man claiming to be a mythological creature from another planet. Granted, Kendrick is gorgeous and seems legit, but he’s got a pair of wings and a reason for being on Earth that are both hard to ignore.

It’s been a rough couple of years for Kendrick Angelis. As future ruler of his planet Centaura, there is increasing pressure for him to marry and provide his people a successor. Hence, the order to come to Earth to find a “suitable” mate. Falling in love is optional.

This summer is going to suck for Conner Bryce. Like every year, he makes the trek to South Carolina to spend a few weeks with his best friend, Savannah. Too bad she already has a houseguest this year, one whom Conner immediately dislikes and doesn’t trust.

Told from all three characters’ perspectives, see a classic tale between two warring races get a modern-day update when the centaurs find that the decision to come to Earth is not without consequences.

In Winged Decision, read about how the Centaurans came to the heart-wrenching decision to come to Earth in search of human partners.

Meet Kendrick and Norana. Both centaur on their fathers’ side and human on their mothers’, they are not only deeply in love and engaged to be married... they're also on a path to soon become the future king and queen of Centaura. It is only after an upsetting discovery that they realize love isn’t always enough of a reason to stay together.

Lapith threats abound and devastate a small city.  A son has to confront his father’s harsh expectations and realize that the course he set out for his life is no longer attainable. An entire race must deal with a potentially crippling loss of identity. And through it all, two lovers navigate through a relationship that simultaneously sustains and destroys them both.

Told almost exclusively from Kendrick’s perspective, this prequel brings you up to present-day when he first meets Savannah on Earth, and offers insight into a difficult choice that sets the events in motion for Winged Descent. Dive deeper into the characters you've already fallen in love with!

Winged Deliverance, the sequel to Winged Descent:

“Kendrick’s father is dead.”

Only four words, but they manage to throw the lives of everyone left behind into turmoil. Kendrick has returned to Centaura without warning to take over as basileus and see to the needs of a planet under fire. Conner prepares for the start of a new school year and tries to put past mistakes behind him as he looks forward to a fresh start. Savannah is left in limbo, caught between trying to hold on to the best memories she’s ever had while attempting to move on as normally as she can in a world she’s learned is anything but normal.

To Apollo’s descendants, the war between their races is nothing new. But a string of violent attacks proves that what happened to Kendrick’s father was not a random occurrence and the Centaurans soon realize that the Lapiths aren’t backing down this time. Forced to rely on the assistance of those he once considered enemies, Kendrick tries desperately to save his people from further destruction.

The stakes get higher, new relationships grow deeper, and an age-old hatred is finally settled once and for all in this third and final installment of the Winged Trilogy.